There is no tree without a seed. Without passion there is no garden. Sometimes, one meeting is all it takes...
Close your eyes and imagine your house as an island that becomes a tranquil, peaceful oasis because of the surrounding beautiful sea, full of colours and amazing shapes. Part of the aim of every Il Nature garden is to create just that – making your home into such an oasis. It is part of the reason why each Il Nature garden takes its worthy place among the world’s most wonderful gardens.
Il Nature has succeeded in bringing together the best producers, some of whom have been growing the most beautiful plants for splendid parks and gardens all over Europe for more than a century, and talented landscape architects who have been creating luxury gardens all over the world.
We believe that there is a story of human passion behind unique gardens and parks. We have taken our combined passion and used it to help create the perfect islands, surrounded by colourful and vibrant seas of plants. Along the way, our creations have won the hearts of aesthetes, eminent world figures, connoisseurs of beauty, business tycoons, movie stars and prominent fashion personalities. We are sure that these gardens will win your heart too.
An Il Nature garden is one that becomes an extension of your house: carpets of thousands spring flowers will spread under your feet, the murmur of water will be the perfect accompanying tones to bird song and the garden will present you with views and vistas worthy of an artist’s brush along with secluded, peaceful spots for you to relax and enjoy the splendour around you.

Art of creation

Everything begins with an idea…but there is some way from creative spark to fully fledged vision. Il Nature helps take your idea and turn it into a perfect garden. The layout and design of the finished garden is based not only on your desires, but also on the professional experience of our engineers, agronomists and gardeners.
From the first sketch to the finished garden, the process is one of collaboration and one where the expertise of our creative and passionate employees will help create a garden that will astound you.
Regardless whether you are going to restore an ancient park in France, lay out a small garden by your country house, want to amaze your friends, win the heart of your beloved one, make your property unique or surround yourself with happiness, Il Nature will assist you. From creating your idea through till we see it fulfilled, we will be there to offer you our unique, professional service and keeping full confidentiality.

Behind the scenes

No matter how unique Il Nature landscape design is, it would be only pretty window-dressing if not for the skill of the Il Nature employees. Our gardeners, agronomists, engineers and architects breathe life into the process of garden creation. It is them who are the heart and soul of Il Nature.
Our architects collaborate with you on the designs, our gardeners guess your tastes and ensure that your garden is not only beautiful but also healthy, our managers set out across Europe to find the perfect variety of roses for you. These are examples of our exceptional staff and their dedication.