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Layout of this romantic garden is based on classical Italian park traditions. A small English-Norman style castle is built on a scenic hill organized as a complex system of multi-tier terraces - each of them has its own layout and purpose.
During transformation of the landscape much work has been done on this plot of 12 acres: it was necessary to strengthen the riverside area, to drain the land and to extend mouth of the river.
Yellow and green thujas are planted in parterre in front of the house, these evergreen plants are similar to a boxwood in our climate. In the center of the upper terrace there is a round pond which flows into a wall fountain one level below. Mirrored surface of the water is decorated by gentle water lilies. The apple trees alley leads to the upper garden with a round bosquet of cubic-shaped lime trees. The sculpture of Cupid brought from France is “floating” in the center.
Opposite to a guest house a small kitchen-garden is planted; the path to this secluded corner is sheltered by the apple tree arches. The XIX century antique greenhouse, also brought from France, is located a little bit further. The lower level of the park goes down to the river, where the fancy line of the bank forms the tiny islets and backwaters. An open-work pavilion is based right by the water; the forged bridge with Venetian lanterns leads towards it.
Ornamental planting for this park was selected according to the local climate conditions. Much prominence is given to all-year-round decoration – thanks to the abundance of clipped plants and hedges the garden keeps its structure all year long. The park is especially beautiful in autumn when its variety of bright colors reminds of a painter's palette.