Maindorf Gardens

A large-scale project with both a formal and a landscape garden, a Mediterranean patio, a unique amphitheatre and a full-scale maze. The buildings and surrounding gardens present a complimentary ensemble, much like a full classic orchestra. This is the result of close collaboration between the landscape designers and the architects who designed the house.
At the heart of the landscape garden stands the amphitheatre, with its massive maze. Its 2.5 metre tall lime trees spiral and wind around in intricate patterns, creating a maze that is 25 meters in diameter. With it, you find hawthorn and privet hedges. Visitors will naturally gravitate towards the maze, and the follow the flow of a splendid waterfall flows down the main staircase from the porch towards the maze. The water’s surface not only reflects the beauty of the park, but also visually extends the space.
It is impossible to see, but the garden was created over a very short time span. This was made possible through the use of mature plants. These plants help instil the feeling of being in a mature and long-lasting space. It is a garden that feels and looks like it has been there for many generations. Mature clipped plants accentuate classic landscape architecture techniques to create a landscape park that sits perfectly between bosquet and wild growing pine trees. It harmoniously combines low purple maples with rhododendrons, ashes and silvery leaved willows. Norway ‘Globosum’ maples with spherical crowns are scattered around the amphitheatre. Cube-shaped lime trees are planted in the alleys and through them, you can glimpse wonders of the gardens and the wonderful views beyond it. This is a garden where every single detail is carefully thought out to compliment and accentuate – much like the various instruments do in a classic orchestra.