Spruce Forest

Water was the starting point for the transformation of the area. Before landscape gardening began, the area was mainly low-land covered in dense undergrowth. The situation was complicated further by the fact that a stream flowing through the plot regularly burst its banks in spring, flooding the area. For this reason, the attention of landscape architects was on setting up a functional hydrologic system.
Today the garden has two pools and a water rill that joins a small creek. 
During the plot improvement, the banks were reinforced, the bed of the river was covered with decorative stones and moisture-loving plants were planted in the area. 
As a result, the plot was converted into a harmonious space was; to large extent using classical landscaping techniques.
The areas is divided into various zones. The main area is found in front of the house. A little further away are the open air sitting room and the barbecue areas. The green ‘tea room’ and ‘contemplation zone’ are other distinct, striking features of this garden.
The areas are linked by winding sandstone paths and granite-paving. Elegant lights placed along the walkways brighten the garden at night. Rhododendrons are one of the prominent plants found throughout the garden. Their magnificent flowering leaves no-one untouched.