Anodor House

This exquisite garden was created on a plot with a tall brick house that is disproportionately large, compared to the size of the plot.

The owners wanted to create a garden with a relaxing atmosphere where they could enjoy open-air parties with friends.
The landscape design is based on the concept of a classic monastery garden. It was selected in part because of the way it suits the spirit of the house, which is constructed in the Gothic style.

The style of garden also allowed the use of certain landscape design techniques that visually enlarge a small area. This made the house less dominant, and fit perfectly into the green landscape.
The central walkway dividing the garden into separate design areas is the core of the composition. Through using of a wide variety of hedges, framing the picturesque areas of the garden, the common boundary of the land plot becomes almost invisible. This makes the garden as a whole look protected and very cosy. 
Large mature plants create a vertical emphasis, making the landscape more dynamic. Cherry trees with tall trunks are planted along the walkway and in the centre of the garden you find four trimmed maples. In spring, umbrella-shaped apple trees are covered with pale pink flowers and canary-yellow field maple look particularly striking in autumn.