Pine Close

Concise and elegant are keywords that define this creation of a fresh garden landscape under the crowns of ancient pines. The plot is laid out in a way that means its architectural space is logical, simple and eloquently compliments the modern main building. 
All large trees and most of other plants on the plot remained untouched during the landscape gardening process. Spruces, firs and junipers add to the coniferous theme. In winter, the many conifers covered in snow look absolutely fabulous.
The mix of modern and original, indigenous nature in smoothly joined compositions sets the rhythm for the garden. For example in the line of the main walkway and the vines wrapped around the trunks of pines near the main entrance. Their deep scarlet leaves are especially bright in autumn.
During construction, many clipped plants were planted on site, and even the flower gardens have neat graphic outlines. Two geometrically trimmed lime trees contrast the evergreen pines. A maze seamlessly fits into the landscape concept – as does the layout of garden paths.
There is a kitchen garden with raised wattle beds surrounded by an orchard. Beautiful, distinct arches frame the entrances to the kitchen garden. The modern architecture of the house would be a jarring contrast to a garden dominated by bright colours and an abundance of flowers.
Instead, the emphasis is on deciduous shrubs, the beauty of which comes in nuances of their foliage colours and textures. The only exception is the rose garden situated in front of the house. Here, rich colours, including a pink garden bench, create contrast to the monochrome scheme of the garden.