This beautiful garden lies on what used on an empty and almost plain plot of land. Today, the garden is part of one of the new exclusive cottage estates in the Moscow region.
The layout is consistent with classical park styles, but the landscaping has also included some modern features, including the application of various contemporary materials.
Landscaping on this garden started with altering the terrain. Il Nature landscape architects added an additional higher level to the plot.
Here, you now find a high-lying terrace with retaining walls that lead down to the garden, composed using a classic parterre-composition.
A main landscape design prerequisite from the owners was that the garden should be arranged in such a way that it would help shield the grounds from the neighbours’ view as much as possible. This is partly the reason for the distinctive lime tree alley, which axis runs from living room window of the guesthouse, as well as the white willow alley that stretches along the front of the main building. The use of large, mature plants emphasize the garden’s sense of gravitas while screening the neighbouring properties. This is a place for uninterrupted relaxation. One encourages meditative contemplation amongst the hedges and abundance of trimmed, green plants that helps preserve the well-defined architecture of the garden even in winter season.