Pestovo Estate

Pestovo Estate is like a grand concert performance along the lines of Vivaldi’s magnificent ‘Four Seasons’, in which an orchestra and soloists interact, combining baroque improvisation with flawless, classical precision.
A regular French park sets the refrain, and the landscape takes it up and develops it. A spacious garden in front of the building resembles a reflection of the sky, with cumulus clouds. The similarity with real clouds is emphasised by shaped bushes of shiny cotoneaster, hornbeam and silver maple. The overall tone and rhythm are set by the soloists, 'Globosum' Norway maple and ‘Pallida’ European linden.
Conifers – ‘Pumilio’ mountain pine and Bonsai pruned black pine, blue spruce, ‘Filifera Aurea Nana’ Chamaecyparis pisifera and juniper – play a confident but discreet role as a counterpoint to the topiary, providing an improvisational flair to the composition, which is so difficult to achieve both in music and garden art. If linden and maple trees can be compared to strings, pine trees are the woodwind, their velvety deep voice underpinning the beauty of the ensemble.
Conducting this green orchestra, IL NATURE has ensured that the natural changes of the seasons and of the time of day reveal various aspects of the beauty of nature. The middle tier of bushes plays a melody to supplement the chorus, with Manchurian walnut, Amelanchier canadensis, Cornus alba and Berberis thunbergii Kobold, as well as (essential in our northern estates) Hydrangea paniculata, spiraea x cinerea, lilac and Guelder-rose.
The decorative pergola is a crucial element of a regular park and ancient estate, where the theatrical openness of the orchestra contrasts with the privacy of thickets and arbours, which provide a space for relaxation and reflection. The classical architecture of the estate, with eclectic elements, perfectly fits into the landscape environment. A liberal interpretation of conventional style avoids any perception of a deliberate copying of a bygone era. The past exists in the present, opening the way to the future. This is how trees and flowers grow, music develops and a garden thrives – both in time and space, now and always.