Green Cottage

The garden space was divided into functional zones. Hawthorn hedges run along the perimeter behind a low fence. Beyond the hedge lies the forest area and a pond. 
Mountain pines give the landscape a sense of seclusion, whereas tulips and irises soften the austere forms of the green walls.
There is a huge amount of flowers in this garden. To the left from the house there is a playground, planted in this area pines clipped in umbrella shapes take on a mushroom appearance. In front of the house there is an outdoor pool separated from the surrounding area by a hedge.
There is also a recreation space here – a bosquet framed by lime trees espaliers. Behind the house, there is a potager with beds of spices, herbs and medicinal plants. Slightly to the right there is a pavilion surrounded by a splendid rose garden.

Only the best planting materials were used to lay this this garden. To realize the architectural vision of the feel of an established plot, mature plants were selected for the area and antique bricks were brought in especially for the installation of lights.