White House

The starting vision of this project was to take the idea of a classic park and create an enwrapped version on this small piece of land. 
The source of inspiration can be seen throughout the area, including in the front courtyard, which is framed by clipped lime trees, giving it a striking resemblance to an Italian patio. 
Canopy trees hide the nearby structures and their trunks create the illusion of a colonnade. The trees were intentionally planted some distance from the fence surrounding the plot, making space for green shrubs planted behind them.
The shrubs add extra volume to the garden’s composition and visually soften the transition boundaries of the plot. Closer to the house, small spheres of maple platanoides are planted on both sides of the porch, behind low hedges of spirea.
Spherical cherry trees can be seen on both sides of the alley leading to the house. The cherry trees are especially spectacular in spring when they bloom with airy, white-pink flowers.
On the opposite side of the garden lies a pond. This is one of the garden’s main elements. The unique landscape features of the plot allowed for the creation of a natural cascade type reservoir. A picturesque stream, with an openwork pavilion above it, flows into the main pond basin and then pours into a fountain. The location of the pond is not random – nearby lies a sauna with a relaxation area, and in both summer and winter, visitors can enjoy an authentic, traditional sauna experience. 

Another place for recreation is the patio in front of the house, where an openwork, wrought frame gazebo fits in perfectly in an antique style pavilion and barbecue area. Inspiration from English gardens is also present here as spirea and hawthorn hedges forming characteristically British soft wavy lines and tiers. At night, the garden is illuminated by lights placed on stylized stones at specifically chosen locations around the plot. The result is a distinctive, natural, soft light which flows through the foliage of the hedges and trees.