Villa St. Anne

This landscape project is dominated by a palatial, snow-white, classical-style villa with columns and open terraces.

The landscape architects’ aim was to create a harmonious garden, which functions as the continuation of the house’s architecture and style.
The garden is divided into an upper and a lower part. The plot’s steep terrain required the construction of retaining walls, which naturally split the space into distinct, separate zones. The main facade of the house faces the lower garden, which is replete with French regular park features.
Walking down the villa’s main staircase and across the patio, brings the owners into a garden with a dignified atmosphere. The crowns of mature trees, trimmed into cubic forms, compliment a majestic lime trees alley. In winter, the delicate tracery of frosted branches looks especially striking.
One of the most romantic areas in the lower garden is a small rectangular pond with white and pink water lilies. Thujas shaped as spheres are planted on both sides of the water feature. Another highlight is a splendid rose garden, where carefully selected varieties of roses in tender pastel shades with fine aroma have been planted. 
The upper part of the garden is also filled with an air of romance; the traditions of English gardens is very palpable in this area. Snow-white hydrangeas planted in the shady areas create a poetic mood in this part of the garden and the playful bronze sculptures, brought by the owners from Austria, gives this part of the garden its unusual charm.