Hurtwood Fountain

Gorgeous park matching the architecture of the house in the style of Napoleon III had been created on this plot of land. The garden is eclectic - a classical French layout with a big open space in front of the house decorated with a rose garden is harmoniously combined with the lime trees alley, which is a traditional element of many classic gardens. The length of the alley is 120 meters, it stretches from the large salon's terrace to the greenhouse.
The park has three water features: the big fountain (on the main axis in the center of the lime trees alley), a system of water lilies ponds (on the axis between the greenhouse and the ruins) and a pond opposite to the western terrace, its shape is designed as natural as possible. Classical pavilions, which are an indisputable decoration of the park, act as links between its functional areas.
Pavilion has been designed for the private barbecue area, kitchen-garden decorated with an ancient well dating back to XVII century and specially brought from a medieval French monastery is located in front of it. All the main walkways are finished in granite, so that their surface is perfectly smooth and almost everlasting. In the forest the paths are made from sandstone and in the kitchen garden - from lake pebbles. A great number of conifers and clipped deciduous plants are used for borders, bosquets and hedges in the garden. Fancifully intertwined branches of these plants look graphic against the snow, and the garden keeps its charm even during the cold season.