The area has been divided into two distinct parts with complimentary features and identities. 
The garden draws inspiration from the modern architecture of the main house. In front of the house, you find a rectangular pond, surrounded trimmed plants and unusual granite paving blocks. Behind the house, you find a well-groomed lawn under ancient pines. The simplicity and austerity of lines and layout of both areas is reminiscent of the modern, functionalistic-inspired architecture of the main house.
The inspiration of modern architecture and art is something you will notice in various ways, starting with the layout. The straight walkways, the decorative, rectangular pond and abundance of clipped plants all adhere to simple, geometric shapes. However, unlike a regular garden, there is no axis of symmetry. This feature, combined with the sharp lines and regularly repeated shapes creates an unparalleled, unique effect and gives the garden its very special feel. 
Usually, a combination of simple geometric figures and rules dictate the fundament space layout of an area for a landscape designer. Mathematical rules of square corners, the formula of the golden ratio and the laws of perspective all help to add distinct noble beauty to the layout of a contemporary garden. 
These rules are all in effect in this garden, where the rectangular pond echoes in the granite paving details against the green backdrop of the lawn, which occupies a large area in this project and visually connects the separate garden features. The abundance of trimmed plants such as cubic-shaped lime trees, umbrella and spherical spindle trees also play central parts in this performance of greenery.
The backdrop for – and contrast to – this performance is the non-existent axis of symmetry that helps create a sense of every corner, nook and cranny of the garden being something truly exceptional.
The clipped lime tree alley is a garden classic, but is here given a modern interpretation with cubic lime trees planted in recurring, offset lines giving the garden an ascetic tone. The trunks’ vertical lines are echoed in the original metal lighting fixtures, which cast a serene illumination over the garden at night. The terrain is formed by a low retaining wall, its brickwork matching the finishing of the buildings. 
The use of the identical materials in the garden and buildings emphasises the minimalistic approach to design and helps create the balanced composition of the entire grounds. This garden is particularly exquisite because of the use of simple shapes and sombre colours, which lets the patterns and delicate shades of the leaves come to the fore. The organisation, impeccable proportions and modernistic style help make this garden a masterpiece of landscape art.